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Jobs in India for Foreign Nationals

Article written by Shantanu Saha, CEO - "The Recruiters"

The recruitment industry in India is a multi billion-dollar industry. There are huge job opportunities available not just for Indians but for foreign nationals who wish to work in India. In spite of a large talent pool coming out of colleges each year, there is a shortfall of talent. There are 3000 engineering colleges from which 5,50,000 engineering graduates pass out each year apart from 60,000 MBA's that also pass out. But only 25% of fresh engineers and a mere 10% of fresh graduates are readily employable as per a NASSCOM report.

According to a report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Assocham), the Indian economy will create 87.37 million new jobs by 2015. The study was released in March by the secretary of the Planning Commission. According to Assocham's survey, the most significant growth will come from the manufacturing sector, which will add 32% (27.88 million) of the new jobs. Trade will be next with 24.24 million jobs, following construction with 15.13 million. Tourism-related employment, information technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITeS), and financial services will also grow. The weak spot is agriculture, which will be stagnant.

With so many jobs, India is attracting many foreigners to its shores. After middle and senior level foreigners making it to India it is now the turn of professionals who are at the beginning of their career to flock to the country, as the work environment throws them a huge challenge, both professional as well as personal. According to rough estimates, around 40,000 expatriates are believed to be working in India, that is just about a fraction of 100,000 foreigners working in China, Singapore and Hong Kong. As the Western economies continue to remain in deep freeze, more and more foreigners, mostly from the US and Europe are looking at India for jobs, a trend that has seen up to 20% spurt this year, according to head-hunters.

Exposure to a fast growing business economy is probably the biggest incentive and reason that young professionals are increasingly taking up jobs in Indian industry. Foreigners come to India from South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Continental Europe and America among other countries. The work experience in India is adding a lot of value to their resumes. The IT and ITeS sector has always been at the forefront of acquiring talent from outside. But now this trend has shift to other sectors too. Sectors such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, analytics, infrastructure, pharma among others are catching up say the job consultants in India. The Indian magic continues to enchant.

Some global companies have their largest centers in our country on one hand, while on the other, many local organizations are also going global. So, expat hiring is becoming the need of the hour, where foreigners from various parts of the globe are taking up multiple roles and are recruited as experts in sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, power and energy, oil and gas and automotive,"

A look at the quantum of resumes uploaded by foreign nationals on Indian job portals like naukri.com, timesjobs.com etc is itself a proof of the huge interest and demand for jobs in India. According to its internal survey, Monster India found that its NRI job seeker traffic had suddenly risen by 65% in 2010 and that it had received around 250,000 such resumes in areas ranging from information technology, banking and finance, construction and oil and gas sectors, during this period. This led Monster to launch its new platform that could engage both employers, who are open to hiring workers from outside India and NRI job seekers who are looking to come back home to India. The website link to this site is:
For a foreigner to find a job, he / she must be aware of the various channels through which Indian companies prefer to hire.

As per a recent study, recruitment firms handle almost 1/3rd of the manpower requirements in the private sector as illustrated in the graph below.

Executive Recruiters Association (ERA) is the voice of the Indian Recruiting Fraternity and comprises of member firms that typically handle hiring at the middle and senior management levels.

In order to reach out to its member firms in the quest for the perfect job, you may visit the link. The members are listed chapter wise along with details of their areas of specialization, the background of their promoters and their contact details.

A potential candidate should approach the relevant recruitment firm individually and talk to the concerned person before mailing their resume. Mass mailing their resumes to all the firms listed here should be avoided at all costs since it will then be treated as spam.

Posted on Nov 07, 2011

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