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Regional Head - Punjab with a Leading NGO, Ludhiana
Experience: 15 - 20 Years
Location: Ludhiana
Compensation: 25L
Education: MBA / MSW
Industry Type: Education
Posted Date: 07-Dec-17
Job Description & Candidate Profile


  • Management and monitoring of programme in Punjab to ensure quality education to students.
  • Need assessment of training of teachers as well as non teaching staff and facilitate training with support of T&C /HR
  • Continuous performance evaluation of teachers and feedback to ensure improvement in their teaching skills
  • Ensure effective classroom transactions as per curriculum.
  • Effective implementation of annual school calendar, monthly memos and policies/processes
  • Contribution in making policies and processes to provide quality Education.
  • Quality process implementation and bridging the gap found in audit
  • Implementation of school operating manual
  • Recruitment of teaching as well as non teaching staff in consultation with HR department
  • People management to include attrition, retention, discipline, employee engagement and training as well as day to day administration in consultation with HR department. Of teaching as well as non teaching staff.
  • Liaison to network and liaise with stake holders (community, parents, govt. bodies/authorities etc) to build and nurture long term partnerships.
  • Assist in formulation of AOP, submitting monthly budget provision and projection, and monitor day to day expenses  of region
  • Timely forecast of materials.
  • Assist Material Department in procurement of inventory and distribution.
  • Year round routine maintenance of schools building with support of Construction team.
  • Media management, organize Donor and other VIP visits, corporate volunteering.  Contribution to annual reports and voice of change.
  • Submission of various reports including teacher observation report, school report cards, monthly school report, and activity based reports to GO from time to time.
  • Periodic review reports to the CEO, Co-chairman, Board of Governors/trustees.


  • Enhancement in students’ learning levels and holistic development, fall in students’ dropouts and improvement in enrolments.
  • Improve teachers’ subject knowledge as well as their teaching skills and performance.
  • Similarly improve  skills of supervisory staff
  • Improved learning levels of students
  • improve quality of teachers and head teachers
  • Monitor through teacher observation report.
  • Smooth academic operations through out the year. As well as non academic operations viz sports day, annual day, republic day, community volunteering, PTM etc.
  • Effective school operating manual
  • Minimum non compliance on audit processes. Monitoring to be done through school visit by the CCs/ DCs/PCs /DSAs and RH. Gaps to be discussed in HT , CC and State meetings
  • Support HR department to select right candidate and ensure vacant positions are filled up and training provided to them on time.
  • Achieve minimum attrition and maximum employee happiness. Two way communication to be established
  • Better support from the community and Panchayat in terms of funds, additional rooms, Boundary wall  , kitchen, toilets etc.
  • Community participation in terms of donation etc.
  • Health camps , Voluntary Classes
  • Facilitate school recognition
  • Land registration, mutations and close all land return cases to support legal department
  • Ensure that schools & District expenses are within budget.
  • With support of finance department timely clearance of bills/claims.
  • Year round equipping of schools on time in consultation with materials/procurement at GO.
  • Buildings are maintained in a healthy state.
  • Media coverage for various events
  • Effective donor visits to schools.
  • Feedback reports sent to Communication department.


  • Post Graduate in Business Management/Social Welfare/Development Economics/Development Studies
  • A development sector professional with experience in education related project/multi location project


Company Profile

A well known NGO providing primary and secondary eduction to the underprivileged children in India.


Contact Details

Company Name: The Recruiters
Executive Name: Apoorva Maniktala
Telephone: 9911179215
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