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The Recruiters Show, Episode 2

Do watch the Video of “The Recruiters Show” – Episode 2 where we discuss all our queries on the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act” #POSH with our POSH Expert Kovida Priyum We understand the applicability of POSH, discuss how it’s implemented, whether it’s required in an organization that only has men? compliances, the definition of Sexual Harassment, and


The Recruiters Show, Episode 1

The Recruiters Show – Episode 1, with Mr. Sidharath Tuli (OD Consultant) Sidharath is in Conversation with Mr. Shantanu Saha (Founder & CEO, The Recruiters) & Gaurav Tripathi (Co-Founder & CEO, He talks about his journey, explains OD, chats about the importance of HR, and why just having a Rockstar Founder or Co-Founder will not


How Technology Changed Our Lives (Published in Insightism Magazine, Amsterdam – Oct 2020)

Technology has grown exponentially especially over the last two decades and has impacted our lives both positively and negatively. While on the one hand, we can access a tremendous amount of information at our fingertips on the other we have become overdependent on it, suffer from an information overload and our lives have become far