What We Do

Executive Search

We specialize in “Executive Search”. This is a specialized form of management consulting. Its purpose is to assist a client organization in defining executive positions, identify qualified and motivated candidates, and selecting those best suited through our specially designed comprehensive, quality assured search processes. Apart from hiring for large MNCs, we also offer low cost Retainer Hiring Packages for SMEs & Startups.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We design and manage the recruitment process of the client organization. We design hiring templates, help create job descriptions, source candidates, manage the candidate database and create hiring dashboards. The sourcing of candidates can be from one or a combination of sources like the company’s career page, employee referrals, internal job postings, print ads apart from sourcing by our search firm.

Online HR Consulting & Outsourcing

We remotely manage HR Processes for an organization. These would include Selection Process, HRMIS, Design Appraisal Programs, Exit Interviews, etc. We also Create HR Policies and Processes, Suggest Compensation & Incentive Structures, Execute Compensation Benchmarking Surveys, Conduct 360 Degree Appraisals and Advise on any Complex HR Issues or Challenges an Organisation may face.

Virtual CHRO Services

We offer the services of senior industry HR professionals to smaller organizations to lead their HR functions virtually. Such companies get the benefit of highly experienced industry professionals serving as their CHRO’s. We have a panel of such senior HR professionals, including our founder who can serve this role and your company can save the cost of hiring a full-time high-cost resource.

Resume Designing

We create a simple, succinct and effective resume that covers all relevant information about the candidate in the least number of pages so that it attracts an employer’s attention in a single glance, at the same time highlighting all the key skills and achievements relevant on date.

LinkedIn Design

We ensure that your Linked Profile is complete in all respects and highlights all your key strengths and attributes to make it look professional. Most organizations check a candidates LinkedIn Profile either before an interview or before making an offer.



  • We want to hire employees for our company, how do we connect?

    Our firm offers hiring support to companies at middle and senior management levels. We typically hire for positions with a minimum salary of 10 Lakhs and above per annum. If that’s what your requirement is, please connect on our coordinates mentioned in the top right corner of our home page.

  • Can you hire for some very niche requirements for our company?

    Since 2004, our firm has catered to almost all Industry Sectors. Our team of experienced Search Professionals also have varied experiences in the search industry, and hence we are confident that with our steep learning curve, and wealth of experience, there is no position that we cannot close.

  • Why should our Company hire from you?

    We have a process driven format of interacting and assessing candidates that ensures we provide only relevant and interested candidates. These candidates have been assessed not only for a good fitment to your job specifications but we only send motivated candidates keen for your firm and role. This ensures that our candidate stays with our clients for longer tenures and hence hiring through us gives a better ROI to the company.


  • I am individual looking for a job, can I share my resume?

    We do not keep an active database of candidates with us. We however headhunt / reach out to specific candidates, based on a search mandate shared with us by our client. We also frequently advertise through our Social Media handles on the openings available with us. We suggest you follow our Social Media handles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected and only apply if you spot a job post relevant to your profile. The links to these are on our homepage top left corner.

  • Do you charge from candidates?

    Our Search firm does not charge candidates for placement with any of our clients. However, if you wish to utilize services like Resume Designing, Career Consultation or LinkedIn Design, then charges are applicable.

  • I have been without a job for a while. Can your firm help?

    While we do not maintain a database of candidates, we feel its our duty to help candidates in distress who are without a job for long. Towards that end we have created a group on LinkedIn that has Candidates in Distress looking for jobs as well as employers and Recruitment Firms who have jobs to offer and they are free to interact with each other there. This is a pro bono activity from our side. The link to the group is https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10360348



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